Monday, 21 February 2011


you are really idiot.idiot idiot
you're an idiot

bring me. your diploma

school is such a stupid place

you don't know the happiness of being a youth?

enjoy happiness
"joy" in
the joy of knowing
school and need to just think it's fun and do it.
school will teach you anything

learning joy
learning the joy of being a youth

the ever changing nests in the grass, is a chick's home
spring is here, birds chirp and fishes shed tears
new leaves, young shoots are sparkling in the sun
for awhile. under the waterfall cave. begins summer

Fractions are made of mother and its child
Denominator is the mother. numerator is the child
which means, the mother is carrying the child over the line
that's how it is
but you keep adding, the child gets too big
and the mother can't carry the child anymore
so the child becomes as big as his mother
the mother kicks him out realizing him as an adult
It's a ceremony about separation from each other
It must've been pretty rough, for that mother
It's a good story

fun memories are forever
that was a pain, but I tried hard
those memories ar an irreplaceable treasure from your student days

you don't care about anything
It's like you have the treasures of the entire universe

real love is something more terrifying than entrance exams or ghost
If you fall in love, it won't stop
you're brain is on fire and that runs through your body
It runs down quickly to your toes
your blood pumps in waves when your eyes meet
the lumberjack inside your chest carries a big hammer
and from inside he hits

the image of first love appeared when I didn't expect it
I sighed
I have a feeling of some sadness
about whether or not I should say goodbye
at that time I had so many hopes
what was I waiting for?
I was drawing a rich future within my mind

because of school
I learning these important things by little

my body is healthy and for some reason,
I feel my eyes can see more clearly
the scenery which used to think nothing of,
is shining very brightly now.
The people I used to think nothing of,
have become important to me now
well, there are those who still aren't

what is youth?
youth is stuff like love, friends, and friendship

I can't see the future at all
no one can see the future
there are still plenty of possibilities
there's time to be lost
there are dreams and hopes as well
Youth is real freedom
don't decide your future already
enjoy your time now
you can't forget that

to say the least, I like sake, money and women

youth has no enemies
youth, love, friendship, learning, I'll enjoy it all
when you become adults you'll understand
or so I believe
when you become adults there are no classmates
cheat, being cheated, manipulating
and lots of false bonds
enjoying our youth together. friends no matter what
we who are truly free
what's gonna happen if we don't enjoy ourselves now?
let's have fun together
let's do our best together
us, our faces, personalities, and grades are different,
but, are all comrades who are struggling
because you're not able to see your future

I want to make a memory from my youth

everything is always solved with violence, right?its too bad

I've learned yet another lesson
there are things I can't obtain
I've learned many things at school
and had many joyful experience

when you overcome your sadness
you'll definitely be stronger than you are now
that's true strength

youthfulness that can take anything head on

the white color of the flower, is the color of your lover

if you attend properly, you'll surely find something bright

those memories won't be only within you
they'll be within everyone hearts forever
without a doubt
that would be nice

this world is all I know.
to someone like me
going to school was a pain the ass dammit!
however, basketball, fractions, the ABCs,
once I gave them a try, it turned out to be kind of interesting
I thought school was a bunch of crap
but now, that school
the friend there, have become important to me
even now I'm still an idiot. I may be an idiot
but I'm no longer empty inside
Love, romance, friendship
my heart is filled with it everyday
I've become really strong, dammit!

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