Tuesday, 8 February 2011

melody's love

Melody's love

in the morning. when melody was woke up, and see her handphone.
| |
| *morning |
| sayang |
| |

"who is he???Why he so care with me??" Rick. he name's Rick.
from the start, I know him from my brother.
yes! Rick is my brother friend.
I knew his face from facebook.

I dont believe the information about him, he so cool like an actor.
this is my chat with Rick on September 2010
Rick : are you Chou sister???
me : yes. its me
Rick : I think you are chow girlfriend, right?
me : no, chou and I are family. who are you?
Rick : my name's Rick. nice to know you Melody.
me : nice to know too you Rick.

after that. Rick and I are Friend. we always together in virtual worlds
yes. It's like strange.
He send me, the real his photos.
he so cool. like a japan actors. I'm so happy. and at December I declare my feeling to Rick.
Why am I declare my feeling??listen I am a girl. beatiful and perfect (I think I'm so right :p)
I dont know him, I dont know about his life, his love, I just know his photo, and I dont know, the photos was real or not.
but I am falling in love with him. I dont know why, its happen to me.
but I feel so comfort if I chat or talk with him.
I dont know his voice. He always dont want if I'll called him by phone. or he dont want video call with me.
but I dont care. I love him so much.
and He feel same like me.
and one day. Rick and I was to meet. finaly, I know his face. its real.
he so cool and good looking man like his photos.
oh my. I am falling with him. I know what i feel.
yess...he feel the same
he know me, he know my face. and he says," you are beautiful"

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