Friday, 19 August 2011

cheap trip to jogja

Cheap Trip to Jogjakarta
Jogjakarta is the special city in Indonesia, so we called Daerah Istimewa Jogjakarta. Jogjakarta has so many history and beautiful place can be visited.
These are the places I have ever been in Jogjakarta
Yogyakarta city, Kraton Yogyakarta = Sultans’s residence, collection of property empire, Kotagede = you can buy many thing or jewelry made from silver, Gembira Loka zoo, Malioboro, Tugu Yogyakarta, Pasar Beringharjo, Pakualaman, Kota kasongan= city of craft clay, Kaliurang = mountains south of Merapi, Prambanan temple = The biggest Hindus temple in Indonesia, Merapi mountain, and Parangtritis Beach.
So I want to tell you, some tips to have vacation in jogjakarta, may be that would be much help if you want spend your holiday with cheap cost.
1. Transportation
This is important for you to prepare, if you use public transportation. I think the location of the attractions in Jogjakarta is quite far. You should have a map of Jogjakarta and don't be shy to ask people( I think people in jogjakarta are very friendly ). You can find rental car or rental motorcycle at Pasar Kembang street (south of the Tugu Stasion) with cheap price.
2. Make a plan
You have to know some tourist destination and make plan to visit several location. You need them to save your time and money.
3. Places to stay
Don't be afraid to find cheap place to stay. This is cheap hotel or motel that I recommend to you:
Cost under Rp 100.000 : Wisma artha Rp 70.000 (Kota gede), House 140 Rp 70.000 (near Jogja Expo Center) , Puspita Hotel Rp 80.000 (near Kraton), Delta Homestay Rp 95.000 (Prawirotaman)
4. Shopping
You can get many things you want with cheap price, if you are shopping at Malioboro and pasar Beringharjo( traditional market ) but you have to start offering 60% of the selling price, because the seller take high advantage, so you have to be smart buyer.
5. Restaurant
This is important notice for you. If you want to eat at the Malioboro or another place at Jogjakarta, you should know the price of food or ask for a list price of food, because sometime the price of food become higher for holiday moment.

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